How many people are at your
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We keep track of your space so you don't have to. Make people feel safe and give them the best experience possible.

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Intelligent Foot Traffic Monitoring


Set a target capacity and get alerts if your space exceeds it


Show how many people are in your space in real-time

Identify & Inform

Learn from past trends and let people know when to expect busy times

World's Easiest Occupancy Solution


We develop a solution tailored to your specific space

(1-3 weeks)


Choose to self-install or we come out and do it for you

(3 days)


Sensors "learn" your space and products are launched

(1 week)

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How It Works

Sensors scan for signal activity

Occuspace sensors scan for bluetooth and WiFi signal activity in an area. Scans pick up laptops, cell phones, wearables, and other connected devices.

Signals to people

Machine learning algorithms are used to estimate the number of people with over 90% accuracy

Our goal is to make occupancy data as easy as possible for you


Want to install it yourself? We send you devices, you plug them in. That easy.

No Infrastructure Changes

Plug and play. No need for extra wiring or drilling into walls and ceilings.

Privacy Friendly

No invasive cameras. Personally identifiable information is never used or stored.

Simple Pricing

We charge based on the total devices used, which is based on the size and layout of your space.

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