Ever wonder how busy your space is?

Our low-cost solution makes it easy to find out. Whether you want to delight people who use your space or improve decision-making, Occuspace can help you.

See how Occuspace transformed this university's library

Powerful Space Usage Data

Make data-informed decisions and improve visitor experience

Delight Visitors & Employees

Smarter Space Allocation

Data-Driven Construction

Increase Sustainability

Real-Time Data

Display live data via mobile app, website, or tv monitor at an entrance

Historical Insights

Identify trends and benchmark and measure changes through our web portal or API integrations

Simple and Secure

Our AI-empowered algorithms analyze radio signal activity, giving accurate data at a fraction of the cost of other methods


No cameras or individual identification


$0.05 - $0.15 per square foot annually for spaces over 200k SF


Non intrusive install, no infrastructure changes

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