Frequently Asked Questions

What does Occuspace do?

Occuspace measures how many people are in a space and then delivers the data to clients.

How does Occuspace gather data?

Occuspace's custom IoT sensors monitor Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals in the area. Using our proprietary normalization methods, we turn this into occupancy data.

Does Occuspace track individuals?

No. We are only concerned with the total number of people and do not keep data on any individual people. While our sensors do see MAC Address information, this is immediately hashed and deleted on device.

What type of spaces does Occuspace work in?

Any type of space with a specialization in large open areas. Occuspace gives data on a room by room basis rather than seat by seat.

How many sensors do I need for my space?

1 sensor per 2k-5k square feet depending on layout.

How accurate is the data?

Accuracy ranges from 75% to 95% depending on the size of the location (bigger locations are more accurate).

What are the building requirements for installation?

Devices require power over PoE or a standard outlet, and connection to the internet over WiFi.

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